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AprotradAprotrad is a not for profit association of translators and interpreters created in 1993, which promotes and champions the interests of the profession and offers training to its members. Aprotrad is the little sister of the SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs). Aprotrad has always been involved in various projects in the translation industry, mainly in Region Centre, but also everywhere in France. The association is a very dynamic network of translators enabling fruitful exchanges thanks to a mailing list and to regular meetings. I am currently an active member of Aprotrad and take part with great pleasure in the different projects of the association.

NORFAGNORFAG (Norsk fagoversetterforening) The Norwegian Association of Professional Translators, is an interest organization for translators with serious background from working in the field of nonfiction. It means basically a translation of factual or non-fictional literature, i.e. technical, scientific, legal and medical texts, manuals, reports and websites, to mention just a few examples of non-fictional prose. The organization was founded in 2012 and is located in Norway. NORFAG is not a translation agency. Members are themselves responsible for the work they deliver, and for computing and sending bills and invoices. I am currently a member of NORFAG as a freelance translator.

TradChiTradChi is a network for Chinese freelance translators. Thanks to a mailing list, the translators exchange ideas, mutual cooperation for terminology research, advices about the profession, translation offers and much more. TradChi was initially established on my initiative and keeps growing over time. Our translators come from all parts of France and even from China. The golden rule is a mutual cooperation in a convivial atmosphere.

CFT DicoCFT Dico is a Chinese-French dictionary of the translation which is updated on a daily basis. Its actors are mainly Chinese, encompassing some important Chinese linguists, some French language teachers, some excellent students and other supporters specialized in the French-Chinese translation and interpretation. A private Cyber-salon on WeChat enables the exchange between members, and their work is published on a daily basis on a dedicated blog. I am happy to belong to this group as a reference linguist.