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Rates of Translation

English -> French 0.12€ / word
Norwegian -> French 0.15€ / word
Chinese -> French 0.15€ / word

These indicative rates are all inclusive: document preparation, translation, proofreading / editing, layout, DTP. No minimum fee applies.

How to calculate the number of words in a document?

If you are dealing with a Word document, the number of words is automatically displayed at the bottom left of your document:

translation with word

If you are dealing with a PDF document, it will be converted back to a Word document (done by me), or directly handled in the CAT software SDL Trados Studio 2019, which will calculate the number of words in the document. The same process applies for other formats of document.

If you are dealing with a non-editable scanned document or paper document, the number of words will be estimated manually or by calculating the number of words of the translation.

Regarding Chinese, we are speaking about the number of Chinese characters (some words being composed of several characters).

What about the page rate?

It is usual to consider that a typical page counts 250 words.
Thus, to give you an idea, the translation of a typical page from English into French would be charged all inclusive:

250 X 0.12 € = 30 €

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