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OlivetWelcome to Regine Traduction!
Translation is my job. Just like 10 fingers are not enough to turn you into a good pianist, one’s cannot become a translator just because of bilingualism. The translator’s role starts where the one of the dictionary ends. Behind the apparent easiness of English or Norwegian and the recognized complexity of Chinese awakes a common need: writing a French text fluid and faithful to the original one, with all stylistic refinement under control.

Located near Orleans in France, I can handle translations in the following fields: technical, marketing, business, legal, IT, financial and quality. Besides translation, I can carry out terminological researches as well as creation of glossaries. Furthermore, I am a translator specialized in website and software localization. My customers are mainly large industrial groups, but also SMEs, and I collaborate as a subcontractor for some respectable translation agencies.
The smartest choice for the translation of your documentation!

London Translation
from English
into French

✏ Translation from British English and American English
✏ Holder of an University Degree in General Practice Translation with the English language (University of Rennes II)

Translation rates:
English -> French 0,12€ / word

from Norwegian
into French

✏ Translation from the official language, Bokmål, as well as from Nynorsk
✏ Trinn3 Diploma (University of Bergen) & Bergenstest in reading comprehension and grammar (Folkeuniversitetet Oslo)

Translation rates:
Norwegian -> French 0,15€ / word

from Chinese
into French

✏ Translation from Chinese Mandarin - Mainland and Taiwanese
(simplified and traditional Chinese characters)
✏ Holder of the advanced level of the HSK 新5级 in Chinese (Inalco Paris), equivalent C1

Translation rates:
Chinese -> French 0,15€ / character

Régine Allézy
Freelance Translator
275 rue des grandes Martinières
45160 Saint Hilaire Saint Mesmin - France

Tel.: +33 (0) 6 62 14 94 50

My publications

Les Bases du Découpage   Un Univers de Brodeuse  Sécuriser votre domicile  Les Aléas d'une femme de troisième classe  Chaînes brisées

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« Talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. Talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart. »  Nelson Mandela

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