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My Partners - Translators

Language pairs available :
French > Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian
English, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Spanish, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian > French
Other languages : English > Chinese

Melanie Roche
Mélanie Roche
Translator & Interpreter
Spanish into French

Native language: French
Location: Rennes, in France
Translation specialties: arts and literature, social & human sciences, employment and training, journalism, legal, political and technical, sustainable development.
Services: translation, interpretation, proofreading, copywriting
Memberships: member of Aprotrad and the ATLF
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Miro Miceski
Miro Miceski
Translator & Interpreter Macedonian/
Slovenian/Croatian/Serbian into French

Current language: French
Adress: Rennes, in France
Translation specialties: legal, European affairs, insurance and medical.
Services: Translation, proofreading and liaison interpreting (French – Macedonian)
Memberships: Member of the SFT

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Elias Abou-Mansour
Elias Abou-Mansour
Translator & Interpreter
French / Arabic

Native language: Arabic
Adress: Lyon, in France
Translation specialties: technical, business, legal, financial, marketing, sociology.
Services: Translation, interpretation, copywriting, revision, course in Arabic

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Frank Su
Frank Su
Translator French into Chinese /
English into Chinese

Native language: Chinese
Adress: Hanzhong, in China (Shaanxi province)
Translation specialties: marketing and business documents, technical, medical and legal.
Services: Translation, proofreading and editing, occasional interpreting
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Julia Darrort
Julia Darrort
Translator French -
Russian & Ukrainian

Native language: Russian
Adress: Agen, in France
Translation specialties: industry and services, health, legal for private individuals and companies
Sworn translator for the Court of Appeal of Agen in France.

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