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Etiske retningslinjene - Code of Professional Conduct
Members of the SFT
Société Française des Traducteurs


This code of practice governs the professional conduct of the members of France’s national union of professional translators, the Société française des traducteurs, which shall hereafter be referred to as “the SFT”. Members of the SFT, hereafter referred to as “translators”, agree to adhere in every circumstance to this code of practice and the principles, duties and professional standards it contains.

1. General Principles

a. Trust
Translators shall carry out their work with honesty and integrity, these two qualities being the foundation of trust between them and their clients.

Translators shall not accept work that would demean them or their profession.

b. Fidelity
Translators shall endeavour to reproduce the message to be conveyed as faithfully as possible.

c. Confidentiality
Translators shall treat as confidential and protect the confidentiality of any information or document conveyed to them for the purposes of their work; however translators may breach this rule of confidentiality if the owner authorizes them to do so, if for some reason this is required by law, or if they must do so for their own defence.

2. Legal obligations

Translators shall abide by the laws of the country where their place of business is domiciled, in particular those related to social welfare and taxation.

3. Obligations to clients

4. Obligations to colleagues

Translators shall refrain from granting rebates or discounts and soliciting or accepting fees that would create unfair competition, except in the case of occasional and voluntary services delivered to charitable works or organizations.

5. Compliance with other codes of practice

6. Respect for the profession and for the SFT

This document is provided for information only. The original French version, signed by all members of the SFT, is the authoritative text and can be downloaded from